Literary assessment

In case you are unsure whether copy editing is the right thing for you to do, our literary assessment could just be the right offer for you. In our literary assessment we evaluate your text critically according to the same criteria that publishers we are working for would apply for rating.

We will compile a 3- or 6-pages assessment providing you with an objective appraisal of strenghts and weaknesses of your script as well as general perspectives for proceeding with your work.

Our analysis is focused on:

  • Dramaturgy (topic, plot, narrative perspective)
  • Characters (constellation and development)
  • Motifs (Leit-, spacial-, temporal- und situational motifs)
  • Linguistic style (character language, dialogue structure, stylistic devices)

Objective analysis and concrete hints

We gladly advise you on the choice between a literary assessment and copy editing in a personal talk. Send us an excerpt of at least 20 pages and we will make you a tentative offer.

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